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Lion Tours

The Lion Tour is an interactive and educational tour. By teaching people about lions and their natural behaviour we are able to create a greater awareness of the importance of their conservation. We take small groups of people so you can interact with the animals. 

The tour is really laid back. The guests spend time in the garden feeding the baby lions and any other rehab animals we might have at the time. Our guides are very knowledgeable and are always keen to teach fun and interesting facts about lions. 

Take a once-in-a-life-time walk on the wild side. The lions don't walk energetically as they are lazy cats. They love to stop for a cuddle or to splash in the water. These walks are very important for adolescent lion cubs because it enables them to hone essential hunting skills for later in life. There are no leashes or restraints, the lions are free to play naturally and love to show off so don't forget your camera!   

The tour also includes any rehab animals we may have at the time, e.g. snakes, baboons, giraffe, ect.   

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Only got one day? 

Do a Horse-riding Safari in the morning, lunch and Lion Tour in the afternoon. 

The Full-day experience, Safari & Lion Tour starts with a delicious cup of filter coffee or a selection of different teas.

Every participant is then interviewed to get the rider onto the  correct horse for their level of riding.

After this, your guide, Brandon MacRae does a “pre-flight briefing” which is a short lecture on safety and natural horsemanship. The riders then walk up to the stables where they are fitted with hard helmets and chaps for safety.

The ride takes place on Horseback Africa’s own private game reserve, which has a large selection of wild animals including giraffe, zebras, blue wildebeest, ostriches, and many species of antelope. Each rider is encouraged to strive towards learning more about horse-riding. The beginners therefore learn to do sitting trot, rising trot and often even a canter, while the advanced riders are encouraged to enjoy some jumps, banks and riding through water. The time in the saddle is around 2 hours long.

On returning to the lodge, the riders then enjoy a wonderful lunch in the boma restaurant.

Your lion tour guide, Mat Heylock will start with a short safety and information briefing. After that it's time to head out on the lion walk! The lions run free, scampering up trees, playing in the river and practicing their hunting skills on each other and on Mat, who they see as a father figure. After the walk you return to the lodge garden to see the little cubs, then to the adult lions to see their feeding and any other rehab animals we may have at the time. 

The tour ends between 4pm and 4:30pm.