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Dr Colin MacRae is the "father" and founder of Horseback Africa, which is a very successful family run business that has been operating since 1994. 

Colin and Theony have been happily married for 36 years. They have four adult children, Brandon, Megan, Craig and Owen. 

Brandon, his wife Karina and Megan live and work on the farm. Craig and Owen, the super adventurous youngsters, work in the film industry in Cape Town.

We are passionate about our horses and wildlife. The entire family ride horses. Brandon, Karina and Megan personally train the horses for safaris, beginner riders, dressage, jumping and polo. Like all farmers, our work, lifestyle and hobbies are all one-and-the-same. Brandon is an amazing rider and teacher. His safaris are tailored to suit both first time riders and accomplished riders. 

Dr. Colin MacRae is an exceptionally knowledgeable man and has often been described as "the walking encyclopaedia."*He obtained his BSc (Hons) degree in palaeontology in 1975 from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. He was awarded his MSc in 1978 and his Ph D (palynology) in 1987. He joined the Council for Geoscience in 1978 and was Head of Palaeontology section from 1986 to 1993. Colin is an accomplished speaker and has presented numerous lectures from popular levels for amateurs to international scientific congress. Colin wrote the first comprehensive book on fossils of South Africa titled "Life Etched in Stone" which was forwarded by the president of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki. Thabo Mbeki describes Colin as a man "exhibiting an encyclopaedic knowledge of anything and everything geological and paleontological while covering all subjects animal, mineral and vegetable in between." 

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Colin is passionate about teaching and was the founder and the first president of the South African Society for Amateur Palaeontologists. This very successful project got many people interested and involved in the conservation of our natural world. Colin and his wife started Horseback Africa Tours and Safaris in 1994, established the Elandshoek nature reserve in 2000 and the Horseback Africa Game Park in 2002. Horseback Africa’s Tours and Safaris are focused on education and enrichment, leaving the participants with an experience of a lifetime and not just a photo.