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Horseback Africa

The MacRae family would like to welcome you to South Africa!.... where you can find spectacular wildlife, fantastic weather and man's best friend.....the horse.

We have many years of riding experience and  have competed and taught in various disciplines including Dressage, Show-jumping, Carriage Driving, Endurance and more recently Polo.

Horseback Africa is off the beaten track and therefore a more personal and exclusive experience.

We specialize in teaching. Many people are enchanted by horses but have never had to chance to get formal lessons. With an experienced teacher and a well trained horse you'll be surprised at what you can do!

This is a place where you'll find yourself at home from the moment you arrive. A place where you'll want to come back to again and again.

We have many different breeds including,
Appaloosa, Friesian, Arab,
Swedish Warmblood, Boerperd,
Thoroughbred,  Polo ponies,
Clydesdale, Persheron X

Saddle up and enjoy the freedom of horse-riding in nature. In a vehicle you're restricted to roads and pathways but on horseback you're free to follow the wildlife wherever they go.

We have a number of well schooled horses that are suitable for all levels of riding ability, including first time riders. All our horses are trained in the classical English style to give a responsive ride. Guests may ride in comfortable trail rider saddles or English General purpose saddles.

The MacRae family,
Passionate about horses, people and wildlife.

Horseback Africa is heavily involved in wildlife conservation. We run a breeding program that specializes in Lions, Serval (endangered) and African Rock Python (endangered).

A polo destination with a difference! Where in the world can
you play alongside Giraffe, Zebra or Wildebeest?
We offer polo holidays and instructional clinics
run buy a qualified coach.

Wildlife photography has always been one of the most difficult and elusive of the photographic arts.
Spend a holiday at Horseback Africa and find your inner talent.