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Welcome to Colin's Horseback Africa

Spectacular wildlife, fantastic weather, majestic lions and man's best friend ... the horse! Holidays don't get better than this!! 


Horseback Africa is off the beaten track and therefore a more personal and exclusive experience. This is a place where you'll find yourself at home from the moment you arrive. A place you'll want to come back to again and again.

What do we offer? 

Horse-riding safaris. Morning and afternoon Lion Tours.


One day package, horse safari in the morning lunch & lion tour in the afternoon. Transport to and from Pretoria available. 

Overnight accommodation, stay a few days and enjoy the peace & quiet of the bush or fill your days with all the amazing adventures we have to offer at our lodge and in the nearby historical village of Cullinan. 

14 to 18 day all inclusive holiday packages. Travel through South Africa on beautiful trails through the Drakensburg mountains,Lesotho, Swazi Land, Kruger Park.  

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Our Horses and Safaris.

We have grown up with horses in the family and have competed and taught in many disciplines including Dressage, Show-Jumping, Carriage driving, Endurance races and Polo. 


We specialise in teaching and managing the contrast in skill levels of our guests. Are you a good rider but scared to take your friends or partner riding on holiday because you'll have to walk all the way? Or are you someone who has a friend who rides well but don't dare join them on a ride because you don't want to be put under pressure to gallop and jump? Every safari is specially tailored to suit the guests, we do a lot of teaching so the beginners feel safe and confident while still making sure the good riders get to have some real fun.   

Horseback Africa and wildlife conservation. 


Horseback Africa is actively involved in many wildlife conservation projects. Dr. Colin MacRae has founded wildlife sanctuaries, managed wildlife reintroduction projects and successfully bread rare and endangered species including Serval and African Rock Pythons. 

Our Lion Tours are fun and interactive with an educational value. By teaching people about lions and their natural behaviour we are able to create a greater awareness of the importance of their conservation. It's not only our guests that are learning but the lion cubs too! Walking with the adolescent cubs is an important and natural part of their upbringing. In the wild their mother would take them for walks, stimulate their natural curiosity and encourage them to hunt-play. All games baby lions play are focused toward perfecting essential hunting skills. Just like your house cat, just a little bigger!

Peace and tranquility at our beautiful lodge.

Stay a few nights at our beautiful Lodge. Enjoy being out in the bushveld and far away from any city lights and noise. 

When staying overnight you can book early-bird or sun-set horse safaris, have extra time with the lions or treat yourself to a professional hot-stone massage.